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Monday, May 7, 2012

Heading Home

This week I (Reid) was feeling homesick. With the help of my amazing sister I was able to come home on a spontaneous trip to surprise my family and friends. Me and my good friend Mike worked out a plan to surprise our friend Erik with this news. Mike and Erik both got in Mike's car. As Mike backed out of the driveway at a seemingly reckless pace I hid around the corner at the bottom with a bike. When he got to me I slapped the back of the car and he slammed on the breaks. I lay face down on the ground as Mike told Erik that he hit someone. After they stood over my body and Erik panicked for a minute I rolled over and showed my face to a stunned Erik.    IT      WAS     AWESOME.
Now that I'm here for the next two weeks I can spend some time with these funny kiddies

Pat also headed home for some family time this past weekend to recover after a tough week of training. For Saturday's practice I was already in Van and Mark was sitting out with a sore ovary (or hip or something) so our coach Ry Row decided to pace Patty's running by riding next to him on his bike. All of this tough running is geared to get us fit for the Pan American Cup at the end of the month in Ottawa. The Canadian team was decided yesterday, but won't be officially announced until later this week. We're hoping that we all get to put on Canada gear together for this one: fingers crossed.

Mandrea's better half is also heading home today. She is spending the whole summer working in her home town of Sault St. Marie. She had better be planning on coming back to Ottawa once in awhile!

Until next time, later days!
Here is a picture featured on the sports experts web page of Pat playing Mr.Model.

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