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Sunday, May 20, 2012

May long weekend.

     This has been the nicest weekend of summer, we finally saw the sun for more than 1 hour at a time. Chen and I (Pat), took this opportunity to bask in the glory of a 4 hour workout saturday morning. The saturday workout was a mock day 1, it was Chen's first full workout since his back injury thingy that he had going on. He now remembers what it feels like to run at full speed. In other track news the Pan-Am team was announced this week, Chen and I will be representing Canada! I am very excited for this opportunity, as not many people get to represent their country in their very own hometown.  The PanAm section is going to have 4 countries: USA, Cuba, Mexico and Canada. Not nearly as many countries as the females :( but still an awesome mix.
The open section is very competitive also, seeing athletes congregating in the nations capital from BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. There will be national champions and a few americans raising the competition to a level not typically experienced at the Provincial level.

     Reid has continued to enjoy his time on the left side of the country, seeing friends and getting in his own training. Reid is feeling recharged and ready to open up his season this weekend. His flight is arriving tonight at 10:35pm, yahoo! The threesome will be complete once again. We are ready to have him back.
     Check out this hunk with his new GoPro camera and cliff jumping. No wonder he missed home, look at this! Lets see how creative things get with this new little toy of his. First person vaulting?

                                                     (Great hang technique from Reid. Beauty!)
                                                    *Thanks P.Little for the hooks on the pics :)
     Now, back to this weather we are having. I bet you are all wondering what we did with it...right!? Of course you are. Well heres a nice couple shots of Chen and I enjoying a walk up the Ottawa River, literally.

     After our long saturday workout we went for some all you can eat sushi, I then had a 4 hour movie nap with Wedding Crashers and Old School on the tele. Chen had to work and battled the urge to vomit all the dead fish he just ingested, too much info?

     Today we spent the day outside, we played some frisbee golf, lounged in the river for a while, made some AMAZING sandwiches, they were massive triple deckers. We then had a nap and went back out to play some american football. Just such a great weekend. Very relaxing! Sorry to those of you who had to be indoors this weekend, my most sincere condolences.


Checking out this view. Lazy Sunday was a success. Must revisit again this summer. There was a constant flow of people sliding, sitting, and enjoying this crossing all day long.

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