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Monday, May 14, 2012

A Very Happy Mother's Day

This week was a long and somewhat frustrating week of sitting out practices or doing modified workouts and numerous visits to RE:FORM.  Pat was a bit more successful in workouts although had to nurse one of those nagging/annoying pains that comes with the territory.  So for both of us, it was nice to end it all with a trip out to Pat's parents place for Mother's Day weekend.  We had a fun-filled day of canoeing, crayfish hunting and finished it off with a fantastic meat filled dinner (lamb and steak!). 

Here's the crayfish with a very cautious Pat (taken with my new favourite app Instagram!) 

We even found what Pat and I think is Osprey remains.  The kids loved it!

Then Sunday we travelled to visit Pat's Oma who has made an unbelievable recovery over the past few weeks.  Those resilient Dutch!  Pat and I even found a way to train for javelin by using his Oma's clothes line as a throwing implement.  Shocking that the thrower beat me, but it was close! 

Reid spent Mother's Day back home in Vancouver with his mum (very excited I'm sure), sisters and his little nieces and nephew.  He followed it up by completely a brutal hill workout with buddy and fellow athlete Mike, that apparently puts hill workouts here to shame (I guess those mountains really do make things harder, who would have known?). While home Reid has been training hard and seeing as much of friends and family as possible in his remaining days there. He even went skeet shooting yesterday with close friend (and shotgun) Tatum...That's right, he named his shotgun!  

It's always fun to see families get together and made me a little bit jealous of Reid getting to see his over the weekend.  Either way it was a great way to relax, get healed and rejuvenate before the upcoming Pan Am Cup in 2 weeks.  Until next time! 


  1. How steep exactly are the hills? I've seen some pretty steep hills around these parts. I'm curious how steep a hill can get before you can't run up it anymore.

  2. Not sure exactly how steep the hills were. If you can walk up a hill, you can run up it... or at least try to.