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Monday, April 30, 2012

ROJO in Cornell

Hello to our lovely readers, #visitors :) I got twitter this week (@arbsy). It has been a very exiting time in my life. I am already at 48 followers, no big deal. In track news Chen and I had a short lived recovery week. We kicked off our weekend with a not-so-pleasant speed endurance workout. 4x120, 250+120, lactic much. As our month comes to an end, we soon begin the month of the Pan Am combined events meet here in lovely Ottawa. We're all feeling good and are excited as hell for the meet!

Friday was a relaxing day for all as Reid and loyal girlfriend Jojo (Reid+Jojo=ROJO) enjoyed a double date day with Chen and beautiful girlfriend Andrea (Mark+Andrea=Mandrea). ROJO and Mandrea went to see 21 Jump Street, and apparently had quite the laugh. I wouldn't know though because I was not invited... Following this Reid cooked up a storm in the kitchen and hammered out some amazing eats to the hungry peasants, complete with entrees and a desert.

All fuelled up, Reid was ready to attack his first meet of the year in Cornell, Ithica. Opening his outdoor season with the 110 high hurdles, a little bit of Pole Vault, and some 4x4 action. Reid has been recovering like a champ from his set back and as Coach Jamesy says: he has been training "angry."
The conditions in Cornell were not ideal as strong winds made for a tricky competition. On the bright side, the sun was out (pun intended). Reid hurdled himself to a 16.56, not too shabby for a cold windy day. Competing in an open Vault meet, the starting height was a respectable 4.20m. Unfortunately Reid was unable to make a clearance as the wind at his back made his poles too soft and mark inconsistent. Finishing off a long day at the track Reid split a 50.2sec.
Check out Reid's new look >

That sums up another week in the decathlon lives of your 3 most adored athletes :P
Look foreword to our next blog entry as we continue to look foreword to leaving the dome for the beautiful Mooney's Bay facility, #PanAmCupDecathlon.

Heres some dec love to get you through the week, so long!

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