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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend.

Hi there everyone! Happy Easter to everyone and their families from your three favorite decathletes!
In news this week, nothing happened to Chen...absolutely NOTHING of note, quite boring week for him, aside from the end of classes for the year (about time!).

Reid is continuing to heal and has really cool finger toe shoes -_-. He can run on his hands and we wouldnt know the difference, sporting his new VIBRAM shoes Reid kind of feels like this...
Reid has joined me at le Chateau Casa del Arbour. We enjoyed the closest most intense game of Bocce ball coming down to a 1" victory on match point. We will let you figure out who won ;)

I on the other hand am nursing the small aches and pains of the post-decathlon. The most notable of which being a fast fading tan. I miss Arizona :(
Thanks to Jen Cotten I have my day 1 and 2 recaps from the season opening decathlon. See below

Have a good week everyone, and stay tuned!

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