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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summer is Almost Here

This week Pat took full advantage of the weather as the summer sun made its appearance. It is still not quite hot enough to train outside, but that didn't stop him from playing the very legitimate sport of frisbee golf this Saturday.

I on the other hand was trying to stay awake and study. I don't know which reason made it more difficult to stay awake: the brutal 1500m workout that all three of us completed earlier in the day or my realization that I don't care whether or not the Real Business Cycle predictions reflect the actual deviations observed in the economy. That reminds me, I have good news for all of you. On Friday I write my last final exam and commence a four month summer vacation, so that was the last random economics reference you will have to endure for a very long time :)

Mark has been in much the same situation as I with writing finals. He wrote 2 last week and only has 2 more to go.

This coming week will have Pat already preparing to compete in his second decathlon of the year alongside Mark who will be contesting his first. The destination is not nearly as exotic as Arizona this time unfortunately, instead the forecast is for just above freezing temperatures with rain. I will be continuing to transition back into as much training as my rib will allow.

Last thing I want to say is CONGRATS to our awesome coach James and his lovely wife Vero for celebrating their 2 year anniversary last week!

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