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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Havin' Fun

This was a low volume week gearing up for the next cycle leading us into our Woerden competition.  It involved some light speed and jumps workout, ending with Pat competing in a Twilight meet where he continues to prove his consistency in the vault jumping 4.20m once again.  Making it look easier every time.  While warming up for the vault, Pat managed to thrash his ankle on a hurdle leaving it swollen and bruised, causing him to miss out on one workout but continued with training a few days later.

As Pat and I wait out the remaining weeks before we leave for Europe we have decided to "play" around with a few drills we saw in a video.  Some went well, while others...well just watch the videos!

This is an alternating hurdle drill which we ended up really enjoying. 

Speed hurdle hops are not as easy as they sound! Pat had an attempt too but his included a high pitch squeal..not sure which one is better

Also Pat and I spent a long day yesterday at our new place painting and ripping up the remainder of the floor boards Pat started on, getting it set for a sexy new face lift.  Can't wait for it all to be done so we can move on the way if you're ever considering pink paint or wallpaper, don't!  Make it easier for those after you.


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