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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Victoria Visit

After a well deserved and much welcomed visit home, both Pat and I are finally back in Ottawa.  It was  a short visit but we had to return and get back into the routine of training and preparing ourselves for the next meet.  We compete this weekend in Ottawa in our provincial championships.

Bringing Pat back to the west coast to meet my family and friends was awesome.  He had never been that far west before and I think he enjoyed it.  Our first outing was to show him the Pacific Ocean,  where we dug to find Geoducks or "Gooey Ducks" on the sand bar.  They are actually quite challenging to catch..crafty clams!  
 They feel kind of gross eh Pat?
Then over the week we enjoyed a few scenic tours as Victoria graced us with rather untypical summer weather, being anywhere from 20-25°C and Sunny We also hiked up Mt. Doug, which is full of fun activities and I'm pretty sure I took what has become Pat's favourite picture of himself..
That's my dog Cambie trying to sneak into the background..

On the last day we enjoyed a walk around downtown and checked out Chinatown and the narrowest street in Canada!  Then we had a great final dinner with the family and relaxed with a few of Mamma Chen's (or more like Laura's) famous Sangria.  Make that Sh*t!
Fantan Alley in Chinatown (Thanks for taking the pic Ali!)

Other than that it was great seeing friends and being back with the family, even though I'm sure Mamma Chen and my sisters are glad to have us gone!  I wish we could have stayed longer I really miss the coastal living... until next time Vic!

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