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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Go home, GoPro

Welcome everyone to the new year.  2013 should be an exciting one, as we have high hopes for it.  As the new year roles in we have new goals we are looking to achieve.  This season is filled with great opportunities for us to compete, and can be seen in the freshly updated 'upcoming meets' and 'countdown' sections on the page.  

As for training right now Pat is moving right along in fine form keeping the strength and intensity up, and showcased quite a performance this past weekend here in Ottawa.  He contested the pole vault where he improved his PB to 4.46m, after throwing another PB in the shot put finally getting over the huge 15m barrier.  Finally Pat entered the high jump and concluded it with a 1.86m jump. For full results check out:
Or for a small video recap of the entire meet check out:!

As for myself, I am slowly coming along with my injury (and I mean very slowly).  So this past weekend I was left to help out with running the pole vault competition and cheer on the rest of the group.  Not being able to train fully is quite difficult.   All I want to do is jump in workouts with the rest of the group and continue 'proper' training.  Hopefully in the next couple weeks I'll be able to slowly add more and more into my workouts.

As for the holidays, they were fantastic!  Pat enjoyed some quality family time at the Arbour household, and has been enjoying some quality ODR (outdoor rink) time, which I have yet to experience this year.  I cannot wait.  All the while I took in the fresh Victoria air.  After being away from home for so long it's always nice to go back.  Here's a little bit of a taste of what I was missing...
Courtesy to my sister Leanne for snapping this elegant photo of my buddy Tommy and myself, and me for taking the photo of my family's dog Kinley...lookin' good!

With xmas came lots of goodies.  Pat and a couple others in our group, solidified their plans and booked flights to Tucson, AZ to compete at the Jim Click Shootout April 4-5th for their season openers.  As for myself, I gained a little friend called GoPro, and together we are going to create awesome videos of training and whatever else we can think of to share with everyone!

Hope everyone is starting the new year healthy and happy (or somewhat at least), and can't wait for things to start rolling once again.  Dec duo out!

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  1. Is that a new dog? Sorry we didn't see you while you were out here! Hope the injury continues to improve. Well done to Pat on the PBs.