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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Teach me how to Dougie..

This past week has consisted of getting back into the "routine", as it's back to workouts gearing up for the Olympic Trials June 27/28th in Calgary.  Still recovering from last weekends decathlon, this week was filled with rehab and R&R finished off with a small technical competition last Saturday where we contested Pole Vault and Javelin (Pat and I) and Reid took on Pole Vault and the 100m.  This meet according to James was to "not let you forget how tough these events can be".  Insisting that after a successful decathlon, competing in less than perfect conditions (painful ones!) is ideal for keeping us focused on things we need to work on and fine tune in the next 3 weeks. Pat hit a SB (Season best) javelin throw, breaking 60m for the first time this year.

This meet also brought one of our close friends and fellow vaulter Dougie from Toronto to compete.  Despite the cramped conditions, he crashed at our place and brought a few good laughs with him.  Unfortunately Dougie's competition didn't go quite as planned as he ended with a NH (No Height) after a freak and quite puzzling attempt where he landed safely on the mat but his pole was launched 30ft in the air flying ever so gracefully until finally crash landing in the long jump pit and nearly decapitating Reid!  Reid might have an alternative opinion to this event but I thought it was AWESOME!  It looked a little something like this...

We also found out that apparently Dougie is not a very productive packer, as on his way home he made it nearly an hour and a half away before he realized he left his poles at our house.  After a quick happy meal and a shameful drive, Dougie was back in Ottawa.  Once again he was ready to set off, and after a quick chirp to him about what we should do if we find any more of his things Dougie replies "burn it!"  Probably not a great idea as we then proceeded to find a T-shirt, competition singlet, track pants and a few random socks.  Dougie they are still safe, for now!

Finally, Reid came up with a very accurate and honestly pretty funny joke for me on account of my tendency to fault my first two attempts at long jump... and discus... and vault.  New profile pic?

Stay classy my friends...

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