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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gearing up for Trials

     This week marked the start of our final 4 weeks of preparation leading into nationals at the end of the month. The training is taking on a new form of intensity, with longer warmups, shorter and more event specific workouts, and long cool downs with muchos stretching. The three of us are really trying to be more proactive when it comes to recovery and stretching in this crucial cycle.
     I (pat) went to my nieces kindergarden end of year presentation at her school. Check her out getting really into showing off her art.

     Reid is feeling a bit of hamstring tightness, and is working on getting that healthy for Trials.  Furthermore, he is getting into the Euro2012 fever, we are equally dissapointed with the KNVB losing to Denmark (1-0).
     Chen is still the fastest kid in the world, shocking. Chen spent the weekend in westboro at work, home of westfest. He got asked out by a 10 year old girl and that really pumped his tires. He kindly informed the young -and bold- girl that he may be a touch too old for her and she should consider asking him again in a few years. Watch out Andrea!!
Other than this, there is not much going on. Just heads down and staying out of trouble for the Ottawa Decathletes who look to impress in Calgary.

Oh wait. Did I mention I bought some art, feast your eyes on this bad ass Native Eagle hybrid thing!

...its going to stare at people in the washroom.

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