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Friday, March 29, 2013

Tucson Bound.

     This will be our final entry before leaving for our season openening meet in Tucson, Arizona. This is a meet that I (Pat) did last year and faired quite well, opening with an overall Decathlon personal best. This year I return with training partners, coaches, and family. Watchout Tuscon, HERE WE COME!!! The weather is showing to be suny days without a cloud in the sky.

Mark and I feel very prepared. Recently we have been getting James'ed quite a bit. This is the verb for having your coach (James Holder) try to make you experience as much physical discomfort as humanly possible. Here is a picture Chen snapped after a nice 400m workout #Jamesed. This is one of the three workouts we experienced lactic threshold.

Speaking of Chen. He has made quite the miraculous recovery and is in top form for this opener. He has taken care of himself and is now prepared to attack the FISU (World University Games) standard with me. For those of you who do not know, the standard we are looking to score is 7250pts to get us to Russia this July. More than reasonable for both of us. 

I will be leaving Canada's cold spring this Saturday and waiting for my better half to arrive on Monday to hammer out some warm weather workouts in the sun before the competition.  All that being said, stay tuned to the Ottawa Lions twitter account for results (@OttawaLionsTFC ), they will be more live and up to date with stories on the Ottawa combined eventers then the actual results. See you on the other side folks.

Signed, your two favourite Decathletes. 

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