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Monday, August 6, 2012

Move in Complete

After that long week of painting and renovating, Pat and I are finally all moved in to our new place.  Even begun to make it feel a little bit more "homey"with a few trips to Ikea.  Pat wasn't thrilled with that as he hates going to the Ikea store in Ottawa (Largest one in North America I hear).  Although he had a good laugh when as we were walking in he saw the kids play area and noticed they are all numbered and kept saying "I'll take a number 12 please".

Here's a cool photo from the Men's 100m final at the finish line (Medal winners: Bolt 9.63s, Blake 9.75s, Gatlin 9.79s)

The only down side is that during the transition to the new house we have been left without cable and internet.  This makes watching the olympics very difficult, although we still managed to see Usain repeat his gold medal in the 100m in a new Olympic Record.  We've also been trying to keep track of all our Canadian Athletes and friends competing at the games.  Shout out to, Inaki Gomez on a new Canadian Record and 13th place finish in the Men's 20Km race walk, and Ryan Cochrane on his Silver medal in the Men's 1500m Freestyle.  Congrats to all others competing at the games, you are all champs!

As for our training, we're really gearing up for Woerden putting in a few more miles than in the past couple weeks attempting to work on our sprints and 1500m pace (which I've come to learn I have terrible pacing, Pat can attest to that).  On Saturday we had Pat's boss from Canadian Strength Sean Young hop in our workout (300m, 600m, 300m 90s rest, then 8 mins 500m), which was great as he helped keep us on a consistent pace and even pushed us huge in the last few runs..Thanks for the push!  We end this cycle with a twilight meet competition on Wednesday, our last chance to compete before we leave.  It looks like we're both tackling hurdles, pole vault and a potential 300m.  TBD.


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