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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Transition Week

This was not an overly eventful week for any of us. Mark is transitioning into training for the outdoor season after coming off of his success at the CIS Championships. The first step of his transition: week off. It's a tough step indeed, but somebody has got to do it.

As for me (Reid), I am still nursing this rib injury that is healing more slowly than I would have hoped. But alas, I am making progress as I make the transition from sleeping in a seated position on the couch to sleeping in a bed like a normal person. Huzzah! It's all about little victories when it comes to rehabbing an injury.

Pat had a productive week as he figured out his javelin approach that he will use in his upcoming meet. And again, as always, he lifted some big weights with a new max bench of 300lbs. I know what you skeptics are thinking: there is no way I will believe that without video proof. Well eat your words and lay your eyes on this:

We all ended the week by enjoying some festivities of the "friendliest day of the year," which of course is Patty Arbour's birthday (Guinness). Happy birthday Patty!

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