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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This blog finds us 2 weeks into Movember, a time where our lip sleeves turn us into real men! Or atleast we like to think. Aside from our fuzzy moustaches trying to push through into the sunlight, training is continuing to grow in volume as well. We have dubbed our Movember as man month. A number of us have taken on the Paleo diet for the month. Essentially this is an emphasis on wild and game meats, lean cuts of beef, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables and certain fruits. We have cut out any and all alcohol also. Man month also features a minimum of 5 workouts per-week. Here is a picture of how I kicked off my man month, 225lb plank for 60 seconds.
We continue to try and fit two workouts per day in when we can and when it is called for. Chen has been experiencing that nuissance of a lower abdominal pain again. He is taking the proper precautionary steps to avoid furter aggrivation, which unfortunately sometimes involves missing a workout or two along the way. My shin splints have all but gone away with a few weeks of monotonous exercises and biking. I am now able to spike up and complete a workout without pain.

Chen and I have been doing lots of hurdle work, focusing on cadence and being light on our feet. Especially with hurdles it is important to have a faster turnover rate in-between those 42" barriers. We continue to make small changes to older bad habits on our way to a competitive indoor season, where Mark hopes to improve on his record setting 2011 season. Personally, I have taken it upon myself to stretching for 20-30 minutes every day. I feel like it is a crucial part to my homecare which has taken a back seat in the past. No more, I will lift my knees when I run this year!

Indoors is fast approaching, with the first meet held December 1st at Saint-Lawrence College, NY. Indoors is slightly more competive for Chen as he will represent the varsity team as a Gee-Gee at the OUA and CIS level. I on the other hand use indoors as competitive opportunities to remind myself what it feels like to compete and stay sharp. There will be no peaking for meets in this indoor season from my perspective.

Our training will continue to be strength acquisition for a few more weeks. This cycle fine tunes our joints and tendons to be able to stay in one piece when the loading becomes more intensely focused on accumulation. A fancy way of saying we will be lifting big things this winter :)

Last but not least. I would like to thank Sean Young, owner of Canadian Strength for sponsoring me this past month. Sean has provided me with the essential vitamins and supplements which were missing from my every day routine. I am a proud strength coach at Canadian Strength, come check us out and see how we can help you. Visit us at or check us out on facebook

Just in case you wanted a glimpse of our staches here you go, just remember they are more lush in person. Much. More. Lush!

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