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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fact: Mark is the fastest kid in the world


Mark had an awesome showing at the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) Championships this past weekend. Most impressively he joined the 7m club with a long jump of 7.01m. Also, despite struggling with it in practice for the last couple of weeks he pulled out a PB in shot put with a throw of 13.05m. These events helped lead him towards a PB pent score of 3825 ranking him 1st going into the Canadian Interuniverstiy Sport (CIS) championships in two weeks time. Our training partner Zachary Quevillon also had a great day with PB's in the hurdles, shot and overall pent.

Mark will be competing for the highly ranked GeeGee's. With a strong team led by Sekou Kaba, Mike Robertson, Devin Biocchi, Moussa Sissoko, and Oluwasegun Makinde they are looking to bring home the National Championship title.


Patrick is preparing for the Jim Click Shootout in Arizona just over a month away. His practices have been going really well and we're excited to see what he can put together in his season opener. He's feeling strong and his discus has never felt better. Take a look at the whip he gets and you'll see why he feels like 50m is in the cards this season (warning: this video was shot on 'split-short thursday' from a very crotch friendly angle).


With competition the furthest away, I was able to take a bit of a recovery week. With the extra time away from track I nerded-up hard. I wrote a riveting paper "A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Lobbying on the Stability of Financial Markets in Canada and the United States" which should be hitting the back of my professors trash receptacle shortly. I also spent the better portion of my thursday teaching myself basic html and javascript to create the best damned points calculator in the world, so PLEASE use it for all your point calculating needs.



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